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Work History
For over 40 years I have been a commercial generalist working as a sole practitioner, a partner and or an associate in various law firms throughout the State of New Jersey. I have handled business matters running the gamut from antitrust problems to zoning. I have consummated over 50 sales/mergers of businesses, over 500 loan workouts, documented 100’s of complex loans and drafted everything from joint ventures for international commerce to basic executive compensation agreements. Software licenses with OEM’s , marketing and distribution agreements and consulting contracts for custom software design are all within the realm of my experience. I have tried dozens of cases in state and federal court of every kind and nature and have specialized in the creative solution of commercial problems. I have endeavored to create a “Wall Street Product” from a modest office focusing on timely response to client demands and personal attention. Working without associates I have been responsible for virtually all aspects of client work demands and have successfully handled everything in the commercial sphere except patent work.

Law Firm Associations

1974 – 1976 Raff & Scheider Secured Lending, Loan
1976 – 1978 Ravin, Goldman &
Bankruptcy, Commercial
1978 – 1984 Law Offices Warren Kaps
Kaps & Stern
General Commercial Practice,
Family Law
1984 – 1990 Bloom & Stern General Practice
1990 – 1996 Stern & Nackson Commercial Law; Complex
Litigation; General Civil Practice
including Matrimonial.
1996 – date Law Office of Gary Stern Commercial Law; Complex
Litigation; General Civil Practice
including Matrimonial.
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